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How can I understand the end times?’

#1 – Get the big picture
The following is a high-level presentation to help orient our thoughts and understanding before embarking into a study of biblical prophecy. Certain core themes in Scripture undergird the overall story of the Bible and help us to see more clearly what lies ahead.

#2 – Understand the Day of the Lord
A high-level and simplified before/after look at the monumental and transformational day of the Lord. The day of the Lord is a critical and central theme of Scripture from beginning to end. It is the fulcrum event that puts an end to the current Age and initiates the glorious and righteous Age to come.
DOL_High-level Before/After

A one-page day of the Lord Scripture reference study sheet.

A deeper look at the timing of the resurrection and rapture, as well as how this marvelous and powerful event is connected to the day of the Lord at the time of the 7th Seal, 7th Thunder, 7th Trumpet, and 7th Vial Plague.

#3 – Use a biblical framework
A New 3.5-year Framework for the End Times from The Day of the Lord and the Coming Kingdom. This one-page End Times Chart depicts Major Events tied to the Eschatological Time Periods of Scripture and God’s moedim (appointed times).
Appendix 3: End Times Chart

#4 – Keep your interpretation of Scripture as simple and plain as reasonably possible and always compare Scripture with Scripture!