An Unexpected Journey

An unexpected journey— In 2013, I personally felt the Lord provoking my heart. I sensed that He wanted me to purposefully study the Scriptures pertaining to the end times. While a student of Scripture for many years, it seemed daunting. But this tender pressing on my heart did not leave. So, coupling two of the few gifts that the Lord blessed me with (determination and an analytical mind) together with a high regard for the pure Word of God and trust in the ability of the Holy Spirit, I forged ahead in response to God’s prompting.

Now on the other side of what was once an insurmountable task, my life has forever been altered. If I had to sum up my experience in one word, that word would be inspiring.

Inspiration is unmistakably what the prophetic Scriptures have poured into my heart.

I never imagined that I would have a story on my heart worthy to share in printed form, but that is the position that I found myself in. Some people dream of writing a book. I never did. Now, somewhat unexpectedly, I have something important to share.

Do you want to be inspired? Do you have room to grow in your faith? When we are hungry, the Scripture tends to help us in these areas. I’ll be up front. I use two fundamental and long-held principles. One, interpret Scripture in as literal, plain, and simple manner as reasonably possible. Two, use the Scripture as a commentary to itself. In other words, look for the plain meaning and use Scripture to interpret Scripture.

I trust that The Day of the Lord and the Coming Kingdom is biblically sound and God honoring. This could be an important message for our day. It uniquely incorporates God’s appointed times (moedim) into the framework of the end times.  This reveals an almost supernatural alignment and provides a framework to understand the end times that is both new and biblical.

Never before have we quite put our fingers on such an understanding—making a precise connection of the Fall appointed times (Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and Tabernacles) to the events of the second coming.

But, if Jesus perfectly fulfilled the Spring feasts at His first coming with His death (on Passover), His lying in the tomb (during Unleavened Bread), His resurrection (on Firstfruits), and the sending of the Holy Spirit fifty days later (on Pentecost), wouldn’t it be reasonable to expect significance with the Fall feasts at His second coming?

Not to leave many stones  unturned, the book doesn’t stop with a framework, but provides a vivid and detailed picture through a holistic and comprehensive study of Scripture. You will see a fuller, deeper, more detailed and picturesque landscape. The “story” of the Bible will make greater sense and become more alive. Everything ties together beautifully, as we should expect with an all-knowing God.

Could the Lord be equipping His people and preparing us for what soon lies ahead?

While I feel that the Lord has been supremely gracious to me, I pray that what I have come to understand with His help is accurate. This is a big and complex topic. Prophecy and the end times have become simplified in my heart, but as a fellow Berean, I invite you to look into these things and see if they are so. To be sure, this unexpected journey is not about me. It is all about the spirit of prophecy, none other than our Lord Jesus Christ (Rev 19:10). To Him be all glory, honor, and praise.

Humbly submitted,

Brandon L. Emch