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An Unexpected Journey

Learn what the Bible really says about the end times and the day of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In The Day of the Lord and the Coming Kingdom, a supernatural and purely scriptural framework for understanding the end times is uncovered. Is it possible to have the end-times waters unmuddied and gain a clearer picture of God’s future plans? For the glory of God, be inspired as the seemingly complex prophetic Scriptures become simple and very applicable to your faith!

Take a fresh look at Daniel’s seventy weeks prophecy and explore the fascinating cohesion of prophetic Scripture when seen through plain interpretation methods, Scripture harmonization, a futuristic lens, respect for Israel’s election, and an eschatological framework aided by the Jewish feast days.

Be prepared for a strong biblical challenge to commonly held presuppositions. The alignment of the Jewish feast days with the end-time periods of Scripture provides a new lens through which to view future prophetic events.

It all leads to a monumental day of transition, the second coming of Jesus Christ on the day of the Lord. This great and notable day is the heartbeat of prophetic Scripture.


  • a day of resurrection and rapture at the last trump.
  • a day of rewards for the resurrected/raptured prophets, saints, and believers.
  • a day of corporate repentance and salvation for remnant Israel.
  • a day of judgment and wrath for the ungodly and the final beast kingdom.
  • a day when Satan is bound and cast into the bottomless pit.
  • a day when evil beings and the power of the air are destroyed and
  • a day that ushers in the “now but not yet” KINGDOM OF GOD and the
    rule of KING JESUS CHRIST from the throne of His glory in Jerusalem.

Scripture teaches us to earnestly desire the coming of the Lord
and to endure until the end. Are you prepared?

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Brandon Emch lives with his wife and seven children in Bucyrus, Kansas. After college, he assisted clients with financial and accounting matters as a CPA. Currently, he owns and operates a small business and is blessed to work at home alongside his family. Brandon is a member of the Apostolic Christian Church of Kansas City (apostolicchristian.org) where he has served as a lay minister for over seventeen years. His greatest joys are faith and family. With his book, The Day of the Lord and the Coming Kingdom: A New and Biblical Framework for the End Times, he reveals some of his heart while sharing and promoting the vibrant and inspiring picture of God’s future plans.

A thorough study of prophecy was not on my agenda, but the Lord pressed hard on my heart and I couldn’t shake it. I have been a student of Scripture for many years. The past several years were different. Unprecedented for me. My life was poured into a study of the word of God. But God is abundantly faithful. What was once, only a few short years ago, an insurmountable topic for me has come alive with vibrancy and clarity. Be assured, I fully recognize that I don’t have all of the answers and that I am prone to error. But thanks to God, the Bible does have all of the answers, and it is not prone to error!

In my opinion, the Lord is revealing greater depths of understanding to more fully prepare His followers for the second coming. While this book comes to some sharp conclusions, I’m hopeful that my writing goes much deeper than interpretations and analysis of prophecy. I hope that the embers in your heart become warm .  .  .  that you are inspired to pay attention to all that God has written to you in the Holy Bible. We are to live, prepare, and look for the blessed hope of His glorious future return!

Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ . . .  And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment; that ye may approve things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and without offence till the day of Christ; being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God.
(Philippians 1:6, 9–11)



The Day of the Lord and the Coming Kingdom: A New and Biblical Framework for the End Times was published June 26, 2017. The heart of the message has been conveyed in the book. So, while I envision that relevant and helpful content will be posted and made available from time to time, I currently do not have a sequence of future posts planned or mapped out. Most likely, future updates and posts will result from emails and comments/questions from readers.

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How can I understand the end times?’

#1 – Get the big picture
The following is a high-level presentation to help orient our thoughts and understanding before embarking into a study of biblical prophecy. Certain core themes in Scripture undergird the overall story of the Bible and help us to see more clearly what lies ahead.

#2 – Understand the Day of the Lord
A high-level and simplified before/after look at the monumental and transformational day of the Lord. The day of the Lord is a critical and central theme of Scripture from beginning to end. It is the fulcrum event that puts an end to the current Age and initiates the glorious and righteous Age to come.
DOL_High-level Before/After

A one-page day of the Lord Scripture reference study sheet.

A deeper look at the timing of the resurrection and rapture, as well as how this marvelous and powerful event is connected to the day of the Lord at the time of the 7th Seal, 7th Thunder, 7th Trumpet, and 7th Vial Plague.

#3 – Use a biblical framework
A New 3.5-year Framework for the End Times from The Day of the Lord and the Coming Kingdom. This one-page End Times Chart depicts Major Events tied to the Eschatological Time Periods of Scripture and God’s moedim (appointed times).
Appendix 3: End Times Chart

#4 – Keep your interpretation of Scripture as simple and plain as reasonably possible and always compare Scripture with Scripture!